Who am I, and why am I starting this blog.

My name is John Huhn, I currently teach High School Math in a self contained school. I live and teach in New Jersey. As far as I know New Jersey is the only state that offers a free teachers conference once a year. For most of my teaching career I have denied myself of what the NJEA has to offer teachers every year at no cost. Then in 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit Atlantic City and much of the Jersey Shore hard and the teachers convention was canceled.  In it’s place there were some workshops held at the Double Tree in Summit and that was closer to me then a trip to A.C.. I went to that conference and learned how to make the most out of my smartboard that up to that point I did not use that much. I learned about edmodo and njctl.org that use everyday. I have gone to many workshops scene then to NJEA conventions in Atlantic City, Techstock in Stockton College and a few other listed in the back of the NJEA magazine. When I come back form a workshop or a conference, I want to share with my fellow teachers. Some are interested some are not. I started an edmodo group for the school and 2 teachers joined. I put up a poll in edmodo and I get no responses. As I said before I teach in a self contained school, so there is only 8 teachers. I have done Professional Development (PD) for my school for the 7 other teachers and that has been fun but want to do more. I have been talking to my district supervisors about njctl.org and providing PD for my district.

They said yes.

My district wants me to present for a half hour about the on line teaching tools that I use. I asked them “Do you want me to talk about njctl.com in a half hour?”  They told me “Yes, njctl and the other things too”.  At first I thought what have I done, how am I going to do this, but if not me who. I can not simply show my district the teaching tools I have found. I have to sell these tools to them so that they will invest their time and make changes. I was given the date January 29. That is when our district is having a half day for students and the teachers of my district will have to travel to see me.

To prepare I have been watching TED Talks, making notes, started using Jupitered.com for my grade, talking to people I know who may have insight into what I am about to do, and started a blog.


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