Kahoot!, it makes a review feel like a game.

https://getkahoot.com/ is an easy to use quiz tool. It reminds me of the trivia games that they put in on tv screens in bars but in a cute, student friendly way. It may seem odd to be talking about bars when I am describing an educational tool but it fits. The students are presented a question and they have four or fewer possible answers. Students earn more points if they answer quickly.

I enjoy using https://getkahoot.com/ with my students because:

  • It is easy to use
  • it is easy to make a quiz for your needs
  • there are many quizzes free and ready to use
  • it is easy to play the quiz, students go to kahoot.it and enter the code on screen
  • my high school student often ask when will we play Kahoot! again

I have even played Kahoot! with my family. There are Disney character quizzes, Super Hero quizzes and Trivia of all kinds. If you play the same quiz more then once with your students or family try ghost mode. In ghost mode you compete against how you played the first time around.

I could easily present https://getkahoot.com/ for a half hour of pd, it would be fun. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.


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