Jupitered.com, free gradebook for teachers and powerful information system for districts.

Jupitered.com helps me answer the question most ask by student, other then can I go to the bathroom. The question is “what’s my grade”. Before I started using Jupitered.com I would not know and I would say “how do you think you are doing”. They might think they are passing when they are not or think they have an A when they only have a D. With Jupitered.com they know and I know.

I enjoy using Jupitered.com because:
* it is free for teachers
* when grades are entered the students and parents know the grade
* I found the gradebook setup and controls to be intuitive
* the gradebook can be customized to fit the teachers needs
* you create an assignment and input grades on the same screen
* it is easy to log in from home or at work


Jupitered.com has made a difference in my students. After many of my students logged on for the first time they said “That’s my grade!. I can do better then that.” It is a good thing that I was ready with dittos of missed assignment because they were going like hot cakes. When a student asks “what’s my grade” I can tell them, but usually my students are asking for missing work or to re-take a test or quiz.

I could easily provide a half hour of PD on Jupitered.com. In my review I only talked about the gradebook but there is so much more to Jupitered.com.


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