NJCTL.org, a completely free complete curiculum for math and science k-12.

NJCTL.org has changed my life. Once I started using NJCTL.org I stopped using text books, NJCTL.org is complete smartboard presentations, class work, homework, quizzes, re-quizzes, tests, re-tests, unit plans, pacing guides, and fun lab activities in most units.

I enjoy using NJCTL.org because:
* it is free to use, thanks to many corporate sponcers
* it work with the smart response system to collect student responces
* it offer lessons on levels k-12 so I can teach the same skill on many levels
* the smartboard presentation can be printed out in a number of formats to replace the need for a smartboard or to make it easier for students to follow the lesson.


NJCTL.org covers every topic for science and math. Well the science end looks pretty comrhensive. I teach math and I am impressed by the math section. As I said it covers k-12 but, it also has an Algebra 1 that could be taught in 8th grade, Intergrated Math 1-3, Pre-Calculus, AP-Calaulus, Algebra Based Physics, as well as the usual k-8, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

There is also units called West Africa Math and West Africa Science that were made by NJCTL.org for students in West Africa. They make interesting supplements if you need a new approach to a topic.

I could easily provide a half hour of PD on NJCTL.org. I use NJCTL.org almost every day in every class and I am not kidding, NJCTL.org has changed my life.


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