, not just a great math web sight, a great learning web sight. is one of the best math learning web sight that I have ever seen. The math lessons go from kindergarten to college and beyond. collects a wealth of data on your student as they work and makes it easy to find skills that they are struggling with. I even use to make sure I am ready to teach a lesson, to stay sharp, or just for fun. Math is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to

I enjoy because:
*it is free for everyone
*it offer videos and hints to help student complete problems
*it has easy to read graphs and tables about student progress
*my student like earning points and badges
*it offer more then just math, there is science, literature, history, art, SAT test prep and much more. is so much more then a math web sight, there is also a growing list of coding lessons. I used this year to participate in “The Hour Of Code” December 7-11 2015. People and students around the world were encouraged to try an hour of code, look for this event next December and get evolved. There are several hour of code lessons to try on form java script to html and more.

I could easily provide a half hour of PD on To fully cover all that has to offer could take hours and hours.


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