edmodo.com, facebook for teachers and students.

Yes, edmodo.com is much like facebook but, the teacher is in control. Teachers can choose to stop all students from communicating with each other, approve all posts, or allow open communication. Facebook has game and edmodo.com has educational games and apps. Many of the games and apps are free for example CK12.org math and science that a talked about in my previous blog post.

I enjoy using edmodo.com because:

*it is free for everyone to use

*teachers can join groups to get tip and suggestions

*students can collaborate on projects, with the teachers permission

*assignments, quizzes, and test can be quickly created and will grade themselves

*there are built in grade book and calendar functions so you can find an assignment on the grade book, calendar, or by the post

Edmodo.com is like facebook but it is also like  Swiss army knife there are so many free and paid apps that work with edmodo.com that it is like a 1001 in 1 tool.

I could provide a half hour of Professional Development (PD) just on the basics of edmodo.com. The growing multitude of apps that work with edmodo.com could keep me presenting for many hours.


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